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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Workout 4/23

A)  Deadlift with 3 sec hold at position 1.  8-10 reps   rest 2 min

B)  Glute Bridges  holds 45 sec x 3.  rest 60 sec

C1)  Russian step ups   20x3

C2)  Waiters Carry 200 ft. x 3.  rest 3 min

D1)  straight leg sit ups  20 x 3

D2)  Windshield wipers with soccer ball 20 x 3

For time:
400 m run
10 man makers
16 walking lunges
20 russian twists
rest 3 min

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Final Futsal Games are Upon Us

After 5 days of fun-filled and competitive soccer, the futsal tournament comes to a close tonight. The 3rd place matches take place at 6:00 p.m. Following the 3rd place matches, we will raise the curtain and play our final matches for the 2 divisions. At 6:00, we have Andy matching up against Ya Ya for the recreational 3rd place position. On the other field, Soccer Bots will take on team Adam for the competitive bracket. At 6:30, we will play the recreational championship between Kenzie and B. Brown. At 7:00, T3 will be playing against Kirsten for the competitive championship. The tournament has been a fun one to be a part of, and all of the match-ups have been exciting. I can't wait to see what happens tonight, and good luck to all of our competitors.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monday-Tuesday Group Play Schedule

Thank you everyone for making this such a great event so far. This is the remainder of the group play schedule. After a short break on Tuesday to determine seeding, tournament play for both divisions will begin at 6:00. All teams will qualify for the tournament. Seeding will be based on points. Tournament will be single elimination, but we will be providing additional consolation matches to those who would like more games.

Monday North Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
5:00  Adam vs Jahna
5:30  Honey Badgers (Annie vs T3
6:00  Jahna vs KP
6:30  Shelby vs Taylor
7:00  Kirsten vs Honey Badgers (Annie
7:30  Team Losee vs Angry Dave
8:00  Syd vs Andy
8:30  Shelby vs Angry Dave
9:00  Syd vs Ya Ya
9:30  Andromeda vs Godfrey
10:00  Andy vs Ya Ya
10:30  Andromeda vs Maddie

  South Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
5:00  Kirsten vs Soccer Bots
5:30  Manchesthair United  (Katie) vs Taylor
6:00   Soccer Bots vs Logan
6:30  Manchesthair United  (Katie) vs Kenzie
7:00   T3 vs Logan
7:30  Taylor vs Kenzie
8:00  Chandler vs Tessa
8:30  B Brown vs Kucamonga Killers (Nancy)
9:00  Andy vs Tessa
9:30  B Brown vs Bones
10:00  Chandler vs Teeny
10:30  Bones vs Kucamonga Killers (Nancy)

North Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
4:00  Maddie vs Godfrey
4:30  KP   Adam

South Field
Time Team 1 Vs Team 2
4:00  Teeny vs Syd


Point Standings after Day 2

Here are the standings after day 2...

W L T GF GA GD Points
Group 1              
Adam 2 2   22 27 -5 6
Jahna           0 0
Kirsten 3     18 7 11 9
T3 2 1   11 12 -1 6
Annie 1 2   11 17 -6 3
Logan 1 2   23 22 1 3
KP   3   18 30 -12 0
Soccer Bots 2 1   19 16 3 6
Rumsey 4 1   44 26 18 12
Group 2              
Shelby 2 1   22 21 1 6
Katie   3   9 18 -9 0
Team Losee 3 1   30 17 13 9
Taylor 1 1   14 13 1 3
Kenzie 1 2   9 19 -10 3
Angry Dave 2 1   16 12 4 6
Group 3              
Syd   2   6 12 -6 0
Andy 1 1   11 9 2 3
Chandler 2 1   12 12 0 6
Tessa 3     23 12 11 9
Ya Ya 1 2   17 16 1 3
Teeny 1 2   17 25 -8 3
Group 4              
B. Brown 3     26 20 6 9
Andromeda 1 2   12 17 -5 3
Godfrey  1 1 1 18 14 4 4
Maddie 1 2   26 29 -3 3
Nancy 2   1 23 14 9 7
Bones   3   11 22 -11 0

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annual Futsal Fundraiser Tournament Dates Set

We are so excited to announce our Futsal Fundraiser event for 2014. It is coming up soon. This year's event is set for March 1-6 at the SUU Multipurpose Gym. Changes this year include games of 4 v 4 instead of 5 v 5, slightly bigger goals, Saturday/Sunday games, and 2 divisions (competitive and Recreational) to help with inclusion and parity for more participants. The rules require that at least 1 female player is on the field at all times. Games will start in the late morning/early afternoon on Saturday/Sunday and around 4:00 PM on the weekdays. Cost is $20 for students/faculty/staff. It's open to the public for $25. The fee includes a shirt and a minimum of 6 games. Must be 16 years and older to participate with signed waiver. Parents must sign the waiver for anyone under 18. Rosters can range from 4-7 players. We ask that everyone registers as an individual and selects your preferred division. We will also ask someone from your team to fill out the captain team form so we have a complete roster.

Trouble finding a team?
Look for one of the SUU Women's Soccer team members and request to be on their team. They will act as captains for their individual teams. We will be setting up a table at the mall area at the Sharwan Smith February 18-27 (Registration will close at 5:00 PM on the 27th to give us time to create the schedule and coordinate refs). Come on over and sign up to play.

Must pay before playing. Money can be brought to Assistant Coach Adam Farsi at any time before the tournament. His office is in the MC building Room 102. Checks can be made out to SUU Women's Soccer (please include current phone number on the check). You will be issued a receipt for your records and we'll check you off as paid.

All proceeds will help your SUU Women's Soccer Team with travel needs for our Championship season. If you wish to participate, please contact Adam Farsi at 208.317.1841 or email him at

Come and have some fun with indoor soccer and meet the team and staff. We really appreciate all of your support.

Individual Registration Link

Team Registration Link

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jahna, Logan and Kelsea's Week


October 14-21                        

This week the Thunderbirds worked hard preparing for our last home games for the season.We are ready for our hard work to pay off this Friday against North Dakota at 3 pm. COME SUPPORT!!


Sunday Game Against Northern Colorado at 1 pm

The t-bird's family will miss our three seniors!!!

 #20 Sabrina Hernandez        

Sabrina has been a fantastic teammate this season. She always brings laughs and a good attitude to practice. She is a strong midfielder who is such a threat on our attack with a deadly shot on frame. She loves cats and is majoring in Criminal Justice here at SUU.

#15 Kristy Hendrickson
Kristy has been our T-bird Captain this season and has been a great leader. Her sense of humor always makes our road trips and practices more enjoyable and entertaining. She is majoring as a elementary teacher to go on and teach little ninos more in school!


#22 Megan Mower
Mow has done it all this season going from a strong defender to a crazy good forward all within a few short weeks. She is kitty crazy and never hesitates to pet or hold a cute cat or dog is she sees one!! She is majoring in excerise science and is going to serve a mission in Salem, Oregon in February.

Best of luck to our seniors in all of their future endeavors!! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Little Time in the Pacific Northwest

This past weekend was one of mixed emotions. We started our road trip with a scoreless draw on the road against the top-ranked Portland State Vikings. We had a few near chances that didn't quite come to fruition, but a point on the road is a positive outcome. During our stay in Hillsboro, we were able to stop in at Nancy's Aunt's house for a nice meal after a long day of travel--yum!

From there, we set off to Sacramento, our sights set on the Hornets on their Senior Day. The night before the game, we had a delicious dinner at Mackenzie's house, where we socialized and almost died laughing around a driveway campfire. It was a great bonding experience filled with shared facial expressions captured by Snapchat. (I would like to send a shout-out to the Morenos and Courtneys for great meals and wonderful evenings at both destinations. Your hospitality was incredible and much appreciated.)

We didn't quite have the showing on Sunday that we had wanted, and on that day, Sac State was the better team. Despite our loss, I was very proud of our team, and we will come back stronger from what we have learned. It is now evident to others what was clear from the beginning for us; we have a bright future and some very talented players. Next up on our list is North Dakota to kickoff a pivotal 4-game stretch. I have no doubt that we will rise to the occasion, step up, and win the games we need to win to hopefully secure a seed in the top 4 for a Big Sky Tournament berth. The Thunderbirds are on the rise, and we are here to prove it in our upcoming home-stand.